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During these unprecedented times, there are few things that seem to remain the same. We’ve all struggled to find our “new normal” while continuing to try and live our best lives and contribute to society as a whole. In these times I have found a deeper sense to who I am, what family truly means and the importance and vitality of friendships. At Sholdt, I have always known that these things were important; But it wasn’t until covid-19 hit that I realized that this business, and these people are my world. And there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

When quarantine was strongly suggested, I was left to make some difficult decisions as a business owner and as a mom. I needed to provide for my family; and my employees – my friends – MY PEOPLE, needed to do the same. I couldn’t close my doors, it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like something Sholdt stood for. So the journey began of our new normal at Sholdt. Perhaps not as many smiling faces at our door, but I am still here.

Preschool was cancelled but my life was not. So this new adventure brings a new addition to the Sholdt family… Henry. Henry is my boisterous 4 year old with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sounds like someone, doesn’t he? Be on the lookout for this kid, he will be Sholdts fifth generation jeweler. Mark my words.

My mornings with Henry consist of pajamas, breakfast and some tv time while I get ready for the day. Henry and I buckle in for the drive to work. Some mornings are too much to even get breakfast made, so we stop at a drive thru for some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. “Flex and roll, Kalee. Flex and roll.” Yes, this is my mantra these days. It’s what you have to do some days when you are a mom and a boss. AKA #bossmom.

We walk through the doors at Sholdt and the warm smiles and big waves from my people are diminished by the emptiness in their chairs. The sound of laughter from the boys in the back drowned out by the gentle whirl of one lonely fan. The joking in the break room simply exists in my memories; at least for now. “This is temporary” I keep telling myself. “We will get through this together even though we are apart.”

The day begins on a solemn note, but soon things swing into high gear. My phones are still ringing and I hear my own voice, “hello Sholdt, this is Kalee!” And just like that, my day begins. Henry hops back and fourth from Sholdt to Alfonso’s Salon right next door. He plays with Pearl and the neighbor dog, Nox. He brings school work with him and I transition from boss to mom from one second to the next. The days are long, but its worth it when I get to help a client find joy in the journey of finding that perfect piece of jewelry. Our day concludes, the lights go out and the doors are locked. The sound of the heavy door closing behind me is like a check mark to my day.

My job at Sholdt is done for the day and now mom-life continues. Time to get home, make dinner, pick up the mess from the morning and get Henry tucked in to bed. I feel myself melt into my couch. I take a deep breath in. I notice I hold it for a while as if to ready myself to release the worries and joys of the day into the comfort of my home. I sip my wine – every sip better than the next and grab my phone to make sure I didn’t miss anything important from the day. “Check. Check. Check.” The day is done, my heart is full and my job is, well…. Never done.

Sholdt’s doors will not close out of fear. I will continue to support my family, love my employees and be a loyal business owner for our customers. Sholdt will be an unwavering constant when everything else seems uncertain.

We are in this together, day in and day out. This is our life for now. This – is our new normal.

“We’ve got this.”

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