Meet the Behind the Scenes Crew of Sholdt

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Longevity is something we pride ourselves on here at Sholdt.

Our team is small yet powerful. Between our four shop crew members, they have over 95 years of combined experience here at Sholdt. They all hold key roles in creating each and every one of our pieces and the company wouldn’t be the same without them. It’s rare to find a career that you love and stay long enough to see three generations run the company. I am so lucky to have the team that I do and to call them my work family.

Now, let me introduce to you the team that makes it all possible!

Heather Botteron O’Cain

Heather has been with Sholdt since 1988! Her craft is something that’s hard to find these days in the jewelry industry and we are so lucky to have her on team Sholdt! Her wax carving skills are out of this world and she knows the Sholdt collection like the back of her hand. Without this talented gal on deck, we would be lost. When asked what her favorite Sholdt piece was Heather said,

“I like the clean lines of the R379 and all of its variations including the fern finish. I originally carved this design by hand and it was a really fun challenge.”

The R379 is amongst our best selling rings! If Heather wasn’t working here at Sholdt, she would be working on her other incredible art. Check out BluKatDesign to see her amazing creations!

Drew Thompson

Can you imagine working somewhere for over 40 years? Well, this guy can! Drew has been through it all with our family. He was even a groomsman in my parents wedding. Drew is a self taught jeweler who has the ability to fix just about any piece of jewelry. His ability to hand fabricate custom jewelry, repairs the unthinkable and create beautiful works of art is simply amazing. If Drew wasn’t working here at Sholdt, he would definitely be pursuing his other passion of building and racing boats.

Ron Daniek

This wonderful man has been polishing and perfecting Sholdt rings for over 25 years. Ron’s craft is something rare. He is the reason behind our incredibly perfect finishes. Ron truly enjoys seeing new designs come through the line. He says,

“I love taking a casting and seeing it transform into a finished piece. Knowing it was someone’s dream, I hope that it gives them a lifetime of enjoyment.”

He has a true passion for what he does and it brings him so much joy to know he’s been a part of making something beautiful. During this little interview with Ron, I learned something new. If he wasn’t working here at Sholdt, he would love to be working as a park ranger for the National Parks Service. Who would have thought?!

Misbah Rehman

The newest rock star on team Sholdt is Misbah. This guy has talent beyond his years and has definitely been the missing link here. We are beyond blessed to have him. Misbah enjoys the laid back, friendly atmosphere here at Sholdt and “of course, the Shop Dog Pearl”. When asked, what do you love most about creating jewelry, he said,

“I love working with my hands! Having the ability to create something beautiful in the world and make people happy who get to wear it is an amazing feeling.”

Misbah is our house setter and jeweler extraordinaire. We have had good setters in the past, but no one as great as him. If he wasn’t in the jewelry industry, you could find Misbah traveling the world alongside Anthony Bourdain, learning about different cultures and enjoying delicious food.

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