Sholdt 1935 Collection

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Although we cannot live on forever; we have the incredible opportunity to pass on our memories and heirlooms to generations to come – just as Sholdt has since they opened its doors in 1935. The Sholdt business has been and will always be about so much more than creating jewelry. We understand the depth of each piece and that it may one day supersede our own lives and reach someone else’s heart and life as it once did your own.

“There is something to be said about creating something that will last a lifetime and beyond. Not many people get to do that in their life… But we do.” ~Kalee Sholdt

One day, I opened up the infamous Sholdt safe and found an old and tattered book. Thinking, “I have never seen this before.” As I opened the book, my entire being swelled with inspiration. I couldn’t believe what I had found. A sketch book of drawings and ideas by my very own great grandpa Sholdt; Some that never even came to life! It was then I knew exactly what needed to happen. From yellow gold to rose gold, calibré cut gemstones and diamond baguettes to colored gemstones and glam; I just knew that the future of Sholdt was looking into the past in order to bring us full circle.

But where do these designs come from? How can we be inspired by time? Walk with me back to the 1930’s as we pay homage to where Sholdt has come from. We were just coming off of the roaring 20’s craze and moving into the Retro Era where the focus was on Art Deco and all things sparkly! The 1930’s was a time of self expression and hope. Women began to embrace their femininity and grab hold of its potential as they had been empowered by their push for equality. The sweet and delicate pieces were out and the bold, prevalent styles of costume jewelry were making their way in, featuring bold and geometric designs for engagement rings. Rings from this era are some of the most recognizable and sought after even after this long. We at Sholdt desperately want to hold on to where we came from while remembering where we are going. We are inspired by the beauty of life, by nature, by love, by loss. We are driven by something deeper than ourselves. Who we are has stemmed from who we came from – from generations to generations we will always be a part of this life.

So, let’s continue to create together. To remember together. And to look into the future together.

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