Jewelry Lover Dara Edison joins Sholdt Team

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Dara comes to Sholdt from one of our best jewelry retailers,

Williams Jewelers in Colorado. They have 2 locations in the Denver Colorado area. Also a family jewelry company.  Williams Jewelers  has been carrying the Sholdt jewelry line for years.

Not only is she no stranger to the jewelry world, she is very familiar with Sholdt Jewelry. We are very happy to have her here with us in Seattle, Washington in our jewelry workshop in the Old Rainier Building.

Dara and her dog Inspra packed up and drove up to Seattle, Washington in August 2015.

We want to welcome Dara… And we want you to know her too.  She’s not just a gemologist with a keen eye for helping you create you dream custom jewelry piece… She’s the kind of gal you want as a friend.

Q & A with Dara Edison

Born:   Pennsylvania

Favorite Diamond:   Round Brilliant

Favorite Food:   A fabulous juicy burger… with a great pickle!

Favorite Movie:   Shawshank Redemption, Tombstone… “I’m Your Huckaberry” Then there is a movie that, in its time, I watched it over, and over and over… “Erin Brockovich”. I love how the underdog helped desperate people and made a difference in their lives.

First Job Ever:   McDonalds. I actually learned a lot there. We were taught all about presentation, customer service, cleanliness, branding, first impressions, friendliness etc. All of these are essential to provided excellent customer service.

I never lost the idea or importance that the small things matter and make a big impression. Be Kind. Smile. It matters!

Favorite Place to ski:   Anywhere in Colorado… . But I am looking to check out what Washington has to offer… (hint.. hint.. who wants to join me skiing? )

Favorite Sholdt Jewelry Design Ring:   Just one? There are so many Sholdt jewelry Designs. It’s hard to choose just one piece of Sholdt jewelry. But if I had to I would choose the R281 Engagement Ring I love this engagement ring for its smooth lines. It really is a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Favorite Quote:   I love inspiring quotes. I could scroll along all afternoon reading them.  Here are a couple

“Big Girls Need Diamonds” -Elizabeth Taylor

“Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor the devil says, Oh CRAP, she’s up!” Not sure where this came from but it gave me a good giggle when I saw it on Facebook.

Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold:   I love yellow gold. With yellow gold, you can really create some classic rings and fabulous, wearable  jewelry.

Favorite Wedding Attended:   Karen W. It was years ago when I was living in Laguna Beach California. An amazing couple was able to use a shoestring budget and had so much love at their wedding, and in life. That’s what its all about.

And finally.. What Seattle really wants to know…

How do you like your coffee:   French press coffee with a wee bit of coconut oil. True DAT!

As a gemologist that came from an upscale retail segment of the jewelry industry, Dara has always loved Sholdt jewelry.

"Sholdt jewelry designs are timeless and classic! Sholdt rings offer true wear-ability to men and women who wear them."

This does not surprise us here at Sholdt. Our handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands are designed for the active woman.  As a self proclaimed “outdoorsy kind of gal”, we think you will do just fine here in the Pacific Northwest. We sure do hope we have plenty of skiing this year. (Seattle didn’t see much snow last year)  In fact… We just had our first snow fall here in Washington on Mount Rainier.

Welcome Dara to the Sholdt jewelry Family! We love  you already… We know everyone you meet will too!

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