Custom Jewelry Design

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Ever wonder where your custom jewelry design journey began?

Creating custom jewelry is a fun process. Everyone here at Sholdt takes great pride in building each and every piece. Ever heard of the phrase, “Home is where your story begins”? Our story is begins the same way.  Every custom jewelry design is molded and finds a home in Milton Sholdt Seniors old card catalog filled with every custom jewelry design Sholdt design ever made. This is where every Sholdt design begins….

Next is where the magic begins! The wax is injected into the mold to create the beginning of what will be a gorgeous piece of custom jewelry design. Each ring is custom made to fit the customers center stone shape and size and to fit his/or her finger like a glove. Once the wax is perfected, it gets invested and then cast into the metal of your choice. One of the fun things about Sholdt is that this is all done in house!

Once the custom jewelry design has been cast, and cleaned up, it’s ready to be set. We are lucky to have one of the best setters in the country sitting in our shop! He strategically places each diamond and perfects each piece of custom jewelry design.

Below is a 18 carat rose gold, french set, diamond halo, engagement ring, from our Rainier Collection.

Each custom jewelry design Sholdt ring is made here, in Seattle, Washington in The Old Rainier Brewery.

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